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Quality Tree Services

From tree removal to stump grinding and tree trimming services, Tree Works provides qualified, timely tree services you can depend on. Tackling a hefty tree job is no easy feat. You need a professional that can accurately assess the state of your trees along with the right equipment to safely remove or trim your trees. With us, you get that and more. We provide honest quotes and stand behind our word because that's just how we do business. So don't let your tree problem get out of hand, call us instead!

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With 24/7 emergency tree services, we answer all calls and texts promptly!

Tree Removal

Trees can be a problem when they are in close proximity to your home or business. If you have trees dangerously close to your power lines or roof, we can help! Our team can safely remove even the largest trees from your property so you can have peace of mind.

Tree Trimming

Tired of seeing pesky tree limbs and branches litter your yard? Are you finding your trees looking overgrown or shabby? Then it may be time for some tree trimming. No matter the size of your tree, we can safely cut away excess tree limbs to give your trees a polished appearance and prevent fallen branches.

Stump Grinding

Fewer things are a greater eyesore than an unsightly tree stump. And if you're thinking of removing it on your own, think again. Without the right equipment, they are nearly impossible to uproot on your own. At Tree Works, we have a stump grinding machine that will chip away at even the toughest, deepest tree stumps!

Tree Replacement

At Tree Works we don't just cut down and trim trees, we plant them as well! We can uproot and transplant trees to a different area on your property so you can enjoy your trees without risk!

Emergency Services

It's one of the worst situations a homeowner can find themselves in: the aftermath of a powerful storm. If you've experienced the misfortune of a tree falling on your home or property don't wait a moment longer. Instead, call us for immediate emergency tree service! We'll work with the insurance company and take care of the manual work while we're at it! Our guys can quickly remove fallen trees from any structure and clean-up the mess left behind!

Debris Removal

With Tree Works, you never have to worry about the state of your property once we're done because we clean up after ourselves. In fact, most would say their property looks far better after we've left than before! In the event of storms, we make sure to remove not only the trees but all debris, branches and other obstructions from your residence.

Dangerous or unwanted trees?

We're On It!

Tree Works is here to handle all your tree service needs for the Sumter, Florence, Columbia and the surrounding areas!